The Underground Railroad (2017)

The Underground Railroad Colson Whitehead Cora is a slave on a cotton plantation in Georgia. Life is hell for all the slaves, but especially bad for Cora; an outcast even among her fellow Africans, she is coming into womanhood—where even greater pain awaits. When...

The shared common reader is a unique opportunity to engage in a meaningful conversation with your fellow students and to begin to share in the intellectual life of the entire UD community. The book is read before arriving on campus with speakers, films, and other cultural events, organized around the theme of the book throughout your first semester.

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2017 Common Reader Essay Contest Winners

Ten students were awarded prizes in the 2017 Common Reader Essay Contest, in response to book The Underground Railroad by Colsen Whitehead. Here are the winners: First place: Jillian Krol, a nursing major from Rockaway Park, NY Second place: Michael Szczechowski, an...

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2016 Common Reader Essay Contest

Open to All First Year Students Discuss how you see the similarities and differences in the perception and treatment of Japanese Americans following the attack on Pearl Harbor, and of Muslim Americans following the attacks of September 11, 2001, and current events...

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Just Mercy Essay Contest Announced

2015 Common Reader Essay Contest Bryan Stevenson’s book challenges us to consider what justice truly is. In your essay, detail how Stevenson’s book has helped to shape your own view of justice and what you and your UD peers can do to uphold and protect that view. Be...

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